What are cookies?

Cookies are files generated by websites during a visit. They are small text files which can be stored on the browser or hard drive of your device (computer, mobile ,tablet, etc.) in order to identify these devices. The cookies contain settings for the site, profile information and other information.

Our website uses these two functional cookies:

  • qtrans_front_language, which saves your choice of language for the site for a year.
  • accessibility_cookie, which saves your website accessibility settings for 1 year.
  • cookie_consent, this tells you clicked ‘Okay, I agree’ and means the notification shouldn’t be shown again for a year.

You can set cookies. How?
Cookie settings can be changed in the browser,

You have no cookies stored for this website

Website accessibility

  • Enable keyboard navigation

Keyboard shortcuts

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  • Tab Move focus to next element
  • Shift+Tab Move focus to previous element
  • Arrows Move focus to prev/next marker on the map
  • Enter Confirm/click the focused element
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